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We Offer
Done-For-You Business Funding & Capital Raising Solutions.

We Use Our Proven 4-Step System to Guarantee Access To Favorable Funding For Entrepreneurs & Investors.

See how much you qualify for and receive a custom tailored funding plan in 60 seconds with no impact to your credit and no commitment.

(without impacting your credit score)†


Unlocking financial opportunities begins with a strong credit foundation. We have the sauce for cleaning and establishing excellent personal and business credit within 90 days to enhance your chances of a successful capital raise. Our experts will work diligently to address credit issues, improve credit scores, and establish favorable credit profiles. With our dedicated support, you'll be well-positioned to secure the capital you need for your business's growth and success.

(without impacting your credit score)†


While that's taking place our team will also craft a compelling Business Plan and Pitch Deck, prepare your Personal Financial Statement, analyze Business P/L, maintain a comprehensive Balance Sheet, and ensure Business Compliance. With our expertise, you can focus on the growth and success of your work while we handle the vital aspects of creating the necessary documents for your business ahead of your capital raise.

(without impacting your credit score)†


We conduct thorough preliminary underwriting to curate a tailored list of banks, lenders, and accredited investors who are highly compatible with your business. We have an expansive lender and investor network that covers every corner of the globe. Our meticulous analysis considers your industry, financials, and unique needs. By targeting the most suitable capital sources, we maximize your chances of securing funding efficiently, saving you time and effort in the capital-raising process.

(without impacting your credit score)†


With your credit, documentation, and preliminary underwriting in top shape, you'll now be seen as a highly attractive prospect to the banks, lenders, and investors we choose to go to. We'll use your compelling presentation to showcase your improved credit, solid financial statements, and comprehensive business plan to secure your capital. We'll highlight your potential for growth and profitability, increasing your chances of securing the funding you need to take your business to new heights. Most importantly, we'll be securing the capital - guaranteed.

(without impacting your credit score)†

Capital Sources For What You Need—and When You Need Them.

Explore all the ways raising capital with us can simply make your business moments—from the big milestones, to small weekend projects, and everything in-between—totally affordable, and completely doable.

How To Apply For
A Capital Raise With Us

When it comes to capital sources, applying online with NOI Capital is a breeze—and with low rates, flexibility, and large amounts, even the math is easy.

Submit Your Request

Verify that you qualify by completing a 60 second application to tell us more about the capital you're looking for and how soon.

Execute Funding Plan

We'll tailor a funding plan that we'll execute together using "SPUR" our 4-Step System to get you guaranteed access to the favorable funding you're looking for.

Receive your funds.

We raise your capital. You sign your offers from the different capital sources as they come in from Banks, Lenders, Investors, and VCs (all your preference) - and get funded as soon as possible.

(without impacting your credit score)†

Abundance of Capital Sources

We Have An Expansive Network of Banks, Lenders, Investors, and Venture Capitalists Itching To Lend Money.

Get a more precise estimate of how much money NOI Capital could raise for you right now without much time using our proven SPUR Methodology —our funding calculator is just a click away.

Real Clients Getting Real Results.

"Raising money has been much easier since working with NOI Capital."

I turned to NOI Capital. I started by taking out a loan, I paid off all those cards and now I’ve got one low monthly payment that feels very manageable. From there we worked on establishing my business with a proper presence and filled in the missing gaps in my business preventing me from accessing capital. Now I'm actually able to raise money to grow my company and I owe much of that thanks and gratitude to NOI Capital and the work they performed for me.

Mark Batista

Small Business Owner

The savings and experiences of members herein may not be representative of the experiences of all members. Savings are not guaranteed and will vary based on your unique situation and other factors.

Funding & Capital Raising FAQs

Our capital-raising programs are designed to help businesses secure funding by connecting them with potential investors, lenders, along with other sources of capital they otherwise would not have access to.

Our services have established networks and expertise in the fundraising process. We can assist with preparing funding pitches, identifying suitable investors or lenders, and navigating the complexities of securing funding.

Capital-raising from us can benefit startups, small businesses, and even established companies looking for growth or expansion capital.

We start by assessing the funding needs of a business, preparing investment materials, identifying potential investors or lenders, facilitating introductions, and assisting with negotiations and deal structuring. We work until you secure all your capital needs

Our capital-raising services offer several advantages, including access to a wider network of investors or lenders, industry expertise, time-saving assistance in the fundraising process, and increased chances of securing guaranteed funding.

We generally consider factors such as the business’s industry, growth potential, financials, management team, and the specific funding requirements.

The timeframe can vary depending on the complexity of the funding needs and the availability of suitable investors or lenders. It can range from a few days to several months. Typically most clients are ready to actually start raising capital within the first 90 days.

We typically charge fees based on a combination of the percentage of the funds raised, and a fixed fee starting at $1,000 for capital raises under $100,000. The specific fee structure and costs involved will be discussed and agreed upon  beforehand.

We do have networks and expertise to assist with international funding.

To craft a proper funding plan, NOI Capital conducts a soft credit pull that will not affect your credit score.

Funding amounts vary based on your goals and qualifications at the time of funding. That’s why we improve your file to ensure we can actually raise a decent amount one way or another. Simply put, if you have more going for you – you’ll likely get more. Range can be anywhere between $10,000 to $50M+. We have an extensive network of banks, lenders, and investors itching to lend money.

Start Your Next Capital Raise in Seconds.

Speed matters. Which is why you can get a response on your application—in literal minutes.

(without impacting your credit score)†