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Personal Funding & Capital raising

Personal Loans & Lines of Credit With Lower Interest and Favorable Terms.

Access capital via personal funding sources ranging from $10K - $500K to get off the ground and maybe even make you some money.

Our Personal Funding Programs Could Help You Move Forward.

With a lower fixed interest rate on loan amounts from $10K-$500K, a personal loans and lines of credit can substantially lower how much you pay each month. We make applying for personal funding quick and simple — view your rate in just 60 seconds and receive funds as soon as the same day you’re approved.

Clients Use Us To Maximize Personal Funding Approval Sources

(without impacting your credit score)†

Pay Lenders Directly

Fixed Pay Schedule

Save Money on Interest

No Catch, Just Cash

How Our Personal Funding Program Works:

We’ve made it quick and simple to apply for a personal funding—we’re talking a matter of 60 seconds. Just follow the steps below to get started.

Submit Your Request

Verify that you qualify by completing a 60 second application to tell us more about the capital you're looking for and how soon.

Execute Funding Plan

We'll tailor a funding plan that we'll execute together using "SPUR" our 4-Step System to get you guaranteed access to the favorable funding you're looking for.

Receive your funds.

We raise your capital. You sign your offers from the different capital sources as they come in from Banks, Lenders, Investors, and VCs (all your preference) - and get funded as soon as possible.

Checking your rate will not affect your credit score.✝︎


Credit card debt consolidation is the practice of combining your credit card balances with one new loan, ideally at a more manageable interest rate. People who consolidate credit card debt often take out a personal loan to simplify the payment process, lower the amount of interest they pay each month, or reduce the total amount paid over the long-term.

Credit card refinancing or balance transfer is the process of moving your credit card balance(s) from one card or lender to another. This is often done to take advantage of a low- or non-existent interest rate promotional period—however, this often comes with significant transfer fees. Credit card consolidation refers to the process of “paying off” credit card(s) with a lower-interest loan—like a personal loan. With a credit card consolidation loan, the borrower typically receives a lump sum with a fixed interest rate and terms to pay off credit card balances.

A credit card debt consolidation loan will require meeting your lender’s criteria. Lenders will typically evaluate your credit score, income, and debt-to-income ratio, among other factors. There is no minimum credit score required to secure a personal loan, but lower scores could affect your eligibility, terms, or rate—depending on your lender.

Consolidating credit card debt with a personal loan can help organize your debt into one payment, ideally at a lower interest rate, which could help you pay less interest and pay off your debt sooner. Savings are not guaranteed and can vary depending on the rate, term, and total amount of your loan.
Applying for a credit card consolidation loan will often require a hard credit pull, which may lower your credit score temporarily. Although credit card consolidation may have an initial negative effect on your credit, if you do pay off your debt you may be able to raise your credit score in the long run.
When applying for a credit card consolidation loan, you will normally need to show that you have a good credit score and a high enough income to ensure that you’ll be able to handle your monthly payments (among other requirements). If your credit score or income isn’t in great shape, you may be able to leverage a co-borrower to help get the credit card debt consolidation loan you want with the repayment terms you need. Having a co-borrower might also help you get a more favorable interest rate on your loan.