How To Use A Personal Loan To Start Your Business

  Disclaimer: NOI Capital is not a financial advisor, the following content is for informational purposes only. Personal loans can be used to fund large expenses, such as paying off high-interest credit cards or medical bills, but what about starting a new business? Similar to a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, a personal loan can also be used to start a small […]

The End-to-End House Flipping Gameplan

Whether you watch house-flipping shows and want to try it yourself or are focused on making money, flipping houses can be a profitable endeavor. With the right knowledge and preparation, you can become a successful real estate investor. To get started, you should understand the real estate market. Though television shows make it look simple, […]

5 Reason Equipment Dealers Should Offer Equipment Leasing

Most companies out there strive for growth. And while growing demand is vital for a business, capturing it takes the right operational capacity. The output of a typical business often comes down to two essential elements: talent and equipment. Every year, equipment manufacturers invest heavily in research & development to bring better, more efficient models […]

Construction Loans – What Are They?

You’ve decided that homeownership is for you but haven’t been able to find anything on the market that you like or that fits your needs. Perhaps you should consider building the home of your dreams but aren’t sure how to finance it. Banks and other financial institutions may have a construction or self-build loan option […]